Flu Season

IT'S FALL AND SO IT'S FLU SEASON ...do you really catch the flu?

Maybe we call this time of the year fall, because leaves are falling ?!Those you can catch, but what about flu, influenza.Do you get it or catch it?

Symptoms:sore throat, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, coughing, muscle aches, fatigue, exhaustion and fatigue; you've got (caught?) them all. Odds were 3 to 1 you would. Here are the odds:

1. Barometric pressure changes, temperature drops, back to school, more time indoors, increased exposure to people (lymphatics)

2. Decrease in sunlight and nitrogen (Vit. D)

3. Falling leaves (histamine)

Just a minute here, 1. and 2. I can understand, but 3. falling leaves; what gives?

Leaves have pores just like us and when it's abscission (leaf falling) time, it isn't sweat that comes out of the leaf, but a plant hormone called ethylene, a gas. This gas is classed as an asphyxiant, yes that means suffocation. 79% of our air is comprised of asphyxiants; mainly nitrogen, argon and helium. But the other 21%, mainly oxygen keeps them harmless UNLESS the levels change. And when the leaves leave, the gas ethylene is emitted and the levels change. Ethylene sensitizes the central nervous and can produce allodyriac pains as found in fibromyalgia, migraine and neuropathies (nerve pain). Allodyriac pain is from a stimulus that normally does not invoke pain.

Our reaction to this asphyxiant is a counter move, an immune response mostly from the respiratory tissues, which rely upon a histamine attack to produce mucous to protect the delicate lining. Here comes the snot, etc.I've been telling people for 40 years to leave the leaves alone until they're all down.But who can stand a messy, leaf filled yard?

So odd number 3 produces a sensitivity in those with compromised lungs.And guess how we produce L-Histadine, the precursor for histamine? We make it from stomach acid, HCl. This is why in biological medicine the lungs and guts are partnered. If you're low in stomach acid as the majority of the population shows, you're low in natural histamine. You probably will experience gastro-enteritis or stomach pain.Odd number three is a huge factor in fall flu season.Staying away from the trees to avoid the ethylene gas means going 'snowbird' and heading south for less odds 1. and 2.


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