Estrogen Overload

Fortunately it has become known that 'synthetic' estrogen is the leading cause of cancer.

For obvious reasons $, the focus seems to be on finding what drug to take to stop the creation of excessive estrogen in the body instead of the logical approach; reducing the food and environmental sources of estrogen. Synthetic estrogen is everywhere, in the water we drink, the food we eat and skin products. Ladies and gentlemen, we want you to start really looking at labels; avoid putting lotions and creams on your body that are not organic. Studies show that the average female applies up to 150 different chemicals to her body daily. Since the skin is our biggest organ and soaks up all kinds of stuff that isn't good for us, we encourage you to seek out natural alternatives to these products. Also, consider the shower/bath for might filter your water to drink but what about the water you clean your body with?

Only drink and cook with water from a pure source; we do not recommend drinking water from the tap unless you have some kind of filtration system to remove the chemicals which are added at the water treatment plant. You see, estrogen creates cell growth or proliferation, and unchecked growth can result is tumor and cancer in the body.

Your goal for optimal hormonal health is a liver that is functioning flawlessly; avoid putting fried foods, alcohol, and sodas in your body; these are the three largest sources of chemicals that can compromise liver function. The liver is the key organ to process estrogen; B vitamins are necessary to clear estrogen from the body. Common liver body signals include; varicose and spider veins, little red bumps or cherry hemangiomas and bronzing of the skin, especially the left cheek on women.


¦Drink and cook with water from a pure source

¦Eliminate foods that mimic estrogen in the body (i.e. soy)

¦Improve liver health to improve hormonal balance

¦Add a B vitamin like Bio-B 100 from Biotics to help your body eliminate excess estrogen

¦Seek out organic skin products




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