Herbs - Alchemilla vulgaris

Lady's mantle, Alchemilla vulgaris, is renowned as a treatment for women problems. Starting with regulating menstrual cycle and continuing with fertility problems treatment, it is a help for soon-to-be mothers and for new mothers as well.

With Ladyís Mantle you have the feeling itís been "specially designed for women".  Lady's mantle and Yarrow make a formidable duo in women problems.

Besides its benefits to womenís problems, this herb has other properties, such as anti-diarrheic, astringent, tonic, uterine antispasmodic, bactericidal, intestinal antibiotic and anti-hemorrhagic. The potent astringent properties of the ladyís mantle herb have been a subject of praise by many generations of folk healers in Europe. A herbal remedy made from the ladyís mantle has been used in stopping both externally as well as internal bleeding - as well as excessive menstruation in women, the herb has been used in the healing of all kinds of wounds, it is used to bring relief from vomiting and nauseous sensations. The herbal remedy made from the lady's mantle is believed to act as a liver decongestant and it is said to facilitate the birth of a child.

The benefits of drinking Lady's Mantle tea before and throughout pregnancy include:

  • Ease menstrual cycle problems: Ladyís Mantle is useful both for regulating the menstrual cycle, as well as improving menopause symptoms. 
  • Fertility: Female infertility is often caused by a womanís inability to ovulate, or release, an egg. When a woman isnít ovulating, the problem is usually an imbalance in her hormones. Lady's Mantle is an excellent hormone regulator. It adjusts the menstrual cycle, which is particularly important if you want to get pregnant.
  • Relax the pelvic organs especially after a difficult birth or if you have postnatal lesions to cure
  • Treat miscarriage predisposition: It will strengthen the uterine fibers


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