Diapering System

Baby's skin must be able to breathe. Therefore, it is essential for a diaper set to allow air to pass in and out. Yet, at the same time of course, it must adequately absorb moisture. Using pure, all-natural fibers is the best way to guarantee both these qualities.

This is the very reason why we chose Disana's approved untreated and all-natural cotton, wool and silk for its entire diaper set.

Once a baby is brought into this world, it should be cared for and made to feel as comfortable as possible. Such everyday things as clothes, which come in direct contact with a baby's delicate skin, are crucial to its comfort. For its early years, this means first and foremost the baby's diapers.

The diaper itself forms the core of any washable diaper system. They are made of highly absorbent organic cotton. They also have exceptionally high standards of quality and finishing. This is very important to us, as no other piece of clothing is washed, dried and re-used as often as a washable diaper.


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