I listened to an interview with Marilyn Milos on the website and it blew my mind.


When I was pregnant with my first child my midwife gave me an information sheet about circumcision, wondering if this is something I would be interested in. I didn't even consider doing a circumcision. If nature puts a foreskin on a penis it is certainly there for a reason. Do not mess with Mother Nature.

The problem with ALL the information that's out there, is that everyone thinks he/she is right and they almost try to convience you to do what they believe is right. My advise; Trust your gut, listen to your heart and you will know what feels right or wrong. Put all the ego aside and ask yourself are you as I guardian of a person (as little as they come), a person with their own heart and spirit in their own body, allowed to make such a decision. Wouldn't it be fair and respectful to wait till this person is old enough to decide for themselves what happens to their body? I say person purposly, because we call them "my child", but we don't own them - we just own the privileg to take care of them and guide and teach them to the best of our knowlege and capability.

If you are an expecting parent, considering circumcision, please take 20min off your time to get a different perspective. This is crucial for your son's life!!!

If this link just changes one parents decision, it changed a whole life for a little baby boy, a lover to be, a husband to be, a father to be, who will hopefully pass on his fortune of an intact body to his son. Therefor I changed many lives for the better which makes me happy. Please spread the word, share the link with friends, you might be able to change someone else's life.

Please keep it natural!


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