Hidden Food Sensitivities

Can a good food be bad for you?

Sometimes eating whole foods and following a good diet is not enough to achieve good health. It may be necessary to take your wellness program a bit farther by finding foods to which you are sensitive and eliminating them from your diet.

You can be allergic to a food that you crave. Sugar cravings, the desire for junk food and the inability to lose weight can be the result of hidden food allergies. This is very different from the familiar kind of food allergies. People commonly think of an allergic reaction as being immediate and severe, like breaking out in hives from eating strawberries.

Hidden allergies and sensitivities don't usually have a sudden and obvious reaction. The reaction to the offending food can take as long as 72 hours. People with this type of allergy often have a chronic health problem that they can not link to any particular food. Sinus problems, digestive problems, eczema, headaches, and obesity are examples of the health problems that can be caused by hidden allergies.


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