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VARUNIZER - World's First Energy Infused Water Optimizer.

The Varunizer takes ordinary tap water, of any quality, and transforms it into Ayan Water; an alkaline, energized, healing elixir of life, through our unique 6 stage process. This is nature's original formula for a healthy, ageless body, and clear, productive mind.

The Varunizer surpasses the most sophisticated Water Ionizers on the market with our proprietary Ayan Infusion Process and Hydr8 Crystals, which add information from nature back into the water to heal the body. With 7 High-Grade Platinum Plates, and a 10 year warranty, The specifications are unbeatable

The Varunizer works out to less than 30 Cents a day - $1.80 per week. 30 Cents a day for the prime fuel for your body, for sustainable cleaning supplies, for reliable pesticide removal, for green, non-toxic skin toning and beauty products. 30 cents a day for your health. Even if you purchased 1 bottle of water a week, it would cost more than drinking Optimized Ayan Water!


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