About Me

Promoting health and wellness by sharing natural products, supporting and inspiring people to go back to natural sources to become healthier and happier has been a very rewarding path in my life.

When I grew up my Mom did a 180, going natural - homebirths, cloth diapers, holistic medicine, natural horsemanship, etc. I followed in her footsteps.

For many years now I have tried to make natural choices in all the areas of my life.  I’ve chosen to use organic and unprocessed ingredients in the meals I prepare for my family. The medicine cabinet is stocked with only homeopathic and herbal remedies.  Natural childbirth at home was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  Even when it’s time to play with my horses I choose natural methods to communicate with them.

I am always inspired to hear stories of people who have beaten cancer or overcame great obstacle and odds to begin living healthy and happy lives, but as inspiring as that is I want to make sure to never have such a story.  By making healthy choices now for my children and myself I am not only preventing disease in my life but also passing habits on to them.  Habits that, I believe will go on to my children and hopefully their children and so on.  Wouldn't this be a wonderful gift to pass on to generations to come?

Make Your Health Priority #1



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